Hi! We are the AI division of Terra Weather, a weather technology company based in sunny Singapore. Our work involves timeseries prediction, distributed computing and artificial intelligence. Our strength is in delivering mission-critical weather solutions and building predictive artificial intelligence. We believe AI has the ability to transform industries and positively impact society.

Our tools are designed to help domain experts build end-to-end predictive AI solutions easily. This recipe of success in building amazing AI combines a thorough understanding of the problem domain, tenacity to experiment with different ideas, and access to easy-to-use tools to construct AI models.

Our mission is to build predictive AI solutions that benefit society and to make this technology accessible to everyone.


The WHO estimates that 2 out of 5 people worldwide are at risk of infection with dengue. Dengue is an incurable disease which could lead to death, especially for children and the elderly. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is the primary vector of dengue, occurs mostly at localized urban tropical areas.

What if AI could help organizations eradicate dengue effectively before it happens? How can AI produce early warning to make preventive actions?
Our Solution

The Terra-AI.SG team has come up with first-in-the-world AI-based aedes hotspot prediction which can identify potential dengue hotspots up to 12 weeks ahead of time. This webapp called Eradicate Dengue enables targeted preventive actions which significantly reduces the cost of such operations while also lower dengue occurrences.

This solution is powered by Autocaffe, which allows our team to run thousands of experiments with different model configurations automatically.